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The Benefits of our Open Plant Cleaning System.

At Ecowize, we are proud to be on the forefront in developing and pioneering the Open Plant Cleaning (OPC) market in South Africa. We believe Open Plant Cleaning systems are an essential tool to ensure consistent and maintained hygiene standards across food and beverage processors. That’s why we have over 100 processing facilities using our trusted technology on a day-today basis.

What makes our OPC system superior?

Our OPC system differs from traditional systems through the use of an OEM multistage booster pump. This plug-and-play system boosts water pressure from 2 bar to 27 bar, distributing medium pressure water to strategic rinse and foam points in the processing factory. This system is highly flexible and can be adapted to the specific needs and requirements of the processing factory. For example, each pump station can be set up to be used by 1 to 110 users all operating at the same time. Along with this, new frequency drive motors allow our team to set these pumps at any pressure between 10 to 27 bar, depending on your specific application requirements.

Our foaming units allow you to switch from foam to rinse at any given stage. These units operate alongside specially designed nozzles for rinsing, foaming and sanitization. Each nozzle has been designed for optimal performance at each phase. The specialized nozzles will allow you to optimize the water used for cleaning, resulting in savings of up to 35%.

At the first step, namely rinsing, the nozzle generates an ideal surface impact through calculated spraying angles and water volume. This creates the highly effective mechanical action required to displace and remove debris in hard-to-reach areas.

The second step is a switch on the satellite from rinsing to foaming. The foaming nozzle foams our detergents at an ultra-wide angle, covering large surface areas in minimal time.

The final sanitisation step makes use of our sanitation nozzles. We turn the pressure up here, boosting the volume and angle of our application. This nozzle covers an even wider area within the same minimal time – leaving no spot untouched.

Through these three steps, our OPC systems help you reduce setup, application, and execution times by up to 50% – without compromising on food safety Along with this, our IE 5 motors contribute to significant savings in electricity, water and maintenance when compared to traditional high pressure or tap water solutions


Why should I use Open Plan Cleaning systems?

A traditional food processing plant can find themselves spending 60-65% of their cleaning and sanitisation costs on human labor alone. Along with this, traditional systems are proven to be more time consuming – further contributing to maintenance costs.

Our OPC systems will help you unlock value by optimizing your entire cleaning process. Reduced cleaning and downtime due to preventative maintenance presents opportunity for increased production, higher product quality, and most importantly, saving you costs.

How can we assist?

 At Ecowize we take pride in being the solution to your sanitation needs. Our commitment to cleaning innovation and the development of our OPC systems allow us to not only meet the requirements of your process, but to do so effectively and efficiently. We have a cleaning solution, for every environment.

From installation and design to parts and service, our Ecowize OPCS experts will partner with you to prioritize areas of improvement and determine what solution will best address your operation’s cleaning and sanitation needs. Our team is responsible for the entire OPCS installation and efficiency review, ensuring the highest standard of cleaning results.

Our Ecowize Technical team will conduct a detailed review on your open plant cleaning process, completing a technical audit of your current cleaning procedures and assessing the sustainability impact of the cleaning chemistry and utility usage.

Through our partnership with Foamico and Grundfos, we are able to deliver the best solution the market has to offer. We can guarantee your cleaning and sanitation challenges are met with a robust, easy-to-use, efficient and cost-effective solution.

Find out how Ecowize can innovate your sanitation processes, saving you time and money, whilst ensuring food safety for all. Give us a call to discuss how we can optimize your food and beverage processes today!