1000/220 (IBC) Pump


Ecowize offers an array of chemical handling and dosing products to meet the stringent requirements of your business operations, and to ensure your team has the appropriate equipment to safely handle, store, and use chemical products intended for the cleaning and sanitation of your facility.

This extensive range is benchmarked by affordability and dependability, enabling your business to safely and effectively make the best use of its chemical cleaning products.

One of these innovative solutions is the 1000/220 (IBC) Pump. This pump is designed to deliver a continuous, fast flow of liquid and is made from materials that are appropriate and approved for safe use with liquid food products.


● Polypropylene and polyethylene chemical resistant

● True double-action pump (For IBC, 1 000 litre totes, transi tanks, flow bins, pods, palleron)

● Delivers on both the up and down stroke for a continuous fast flow

● Anti-pumping/safety device deters access by children and unauthorised personnel

● Pumps from base of the IBC, allowing all contents to be emptied with no risk of expensive wastage or hazardous chemical spill

● Unique Ezi-action® Adaptor Fitting for the small cap in the centre of the IBC lid – leak-free, secure fit

● Constructed from FDA compliant plastics – handle liquid food products with confidence

● High-quality construction with a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty

● Fully serviceable – dispense IBC after IBC, year after year

● Optional non-siphon tube

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