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Industries Serviced - from Red Meat to Fisheries & Seafood


Red Meat

Ecowize has a long record of providing outsourced cleaning solutions to the local red meat industry. We understand the requirements and biosecurity issues and will ensure facilities are not only visually clean but are microbiologically clean and compliant with legislation. Our focus is on:

* skilled onsite management

* utilisation of low pressure technology

* highly trained cleaning operators

* robust management systems and support

These factors are essential in delivering quality services and solutions in this very demanding environment.

Poultry Procesing

Ecowize has been involved with cleaning of poultry processing plants since 1993. We are the clear leader in this segment. Ecowize can offer specialised cleaning for:

* live bird areas

* kill areas

* plucking and scalding

* evisceration

* spin chilling and air chilling

* boning

* value added, marinating or KFC lines.

We have the people, systems and technology to provide a customised solution for outsourced cleaning.

Fisheries and Seafood

The seafood and Fisheries industries have their own unique challenges, especially when their product is a defined quota, wild catch. Ecowize’s methodology, products and services, are unique and ideally suited to these types of operations, providing world class export status results, with the required level of flexibility and co-ordination.

Fresh Produce

Fresh produce is a core sector for Ecowize. For plants producing pre-packaged fruits and vegetables and fresh salads, Ecowize will not only ensure the visual presentation of facilities but can ensure the plant is microbiologically clean and compliant with regulations.

Call us today and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs with you.

Poultry Farms and Hatcheries

Bio-security is a key element for a successful commercial poultry farming operations. Ecowize provides bio-security solutions to all the Poultry farming operations from Grand Parent Flocks facilities, to poultry broiler operations. Our interventions adds value through reducing the risk of decease and providing the optimum environment for good animal husbandry. In the event of any decease outbreak Ecowize can provide a high impact intervention as part of your outbreak management programme.

Bakeries, Snacks and Mills

Bakery and mill cleaning requires both flexibility and efficiency to ensure cleaning fits in with operational requirements.

Ecowize can assist with comprehensive cleaning solutions to ensure fried goods facilities remain in a clean and audit-ready condition. Our strict processes support allergen control, keep foreign matter out of your lines and help maintain your plant and assets.

From the start of the process where you wash and slice your potatoes or mix corn flour, through to the frying or baking process throughout the production process to cooling, bagging and packaging, Ecowize has the experience and expertise to deliver.

Ecowize offers a systematic and documented approach to tailor solutions for cost effective cleaning programs.

We can implement a cleaning schedule that:

* is flexible around production requirements

* ensures cleaning tasks are completed to agreed frequencies, including food contact surfaces requiring daily cleaning

* controls allergens and foreign matter

* helps maintain your assets

Further Processing and Smallgoods

Ecowize is experienced in providing cleaning solutions to further processing and smallgoods manufacturers ranging from boutique operators to larger facilities. Our program will ensure factories are visually clean, microbiologically clean and ready for optimal production.

We are familiar with and experienced in cleaning all the major equipment brands including, but not limited to:

* Vemag

* Marel

* Weber

* Wolfking

* Holac

* Fomaco

* Thompson

* Handtman

* Seydelman

Our methods can deliver potential savings in labour, chemicals, water and energy usage while still ensuring a high level of cleanliness that will ensure a hygienic environment and protect your brand against the reputation risk that comes with contamination.

Airline Catering and Industrial Kitchens

One of the highest risk food manufacturing operations, Airline caterers require specialized products and services to mitigate any possible foodborne pathogens and food quality. Our quality assured process and risk management methodologies are a must for any such caterer.

High Risk and Ready to Eat

Food manufacturing can be a high risk environment, particularly for short shelf life products like ready-made pizzas and soups, and retail-ready meat products requiring particular care.

Ecowize can help operators maintain a microbiologically clean plant that complies with legislation. Our rigorous approach will ensure line integrity, help maximize your production capabilities and contribute to asset maintenance.

Talk to us about:

* periodic cleaning solutions

* critical response services to deal with potentially serious contamination issues

* either comprehensive services or a complementary program which will allow your operators to focus on production


Ecowize can offer flexible environmental cleaning programs for fresh milk, cheese and other dairy produce manufacturers. Our programs can work around production schedule requirements. Options include:

* periodic or daily programmes

* food contact surfaces including CIP or limited to indirect food contact surfaces, non-food contact surfaces and peripheral areas.

Our on-line cloud based documentation system ensures you can follow all our cleaning activities and check when scheduled periodic cleaning is due, while our processes mean your facility is both visually and microbiologically clean and your plant is well looked after.


Ecowize can offer bottling plants ongoing services or can help with one-off needs like thorough cleaning of the bottling line or management of persistent mould issues. We work with breweries, dairies and other closed system operations to help maximise production and maintain assets while keeping the facility visually clean.

We can also:

* assess your in-house cleaning programme and current cleaning standards

* offer cleaning audits and recommendations

* review your cleaning program for efficiency, technology, applied methods, safety, cleanliness, supervision and training

* offer tailored training to your own staff