In the big picture, tiny details matter.

Real-time data and up-to-date documentation are critical to maintaining effective sanitation programs, especially when food safety is at stake. Ecowize recognizes this and has turned to technology to help us serve our clients better. Our electronic quality management system (eQMS) manages all our sanitation compliance requirements from end to end.

Our eQMS is a vital component of our food safety program. It provides a central portal that allows us to manage all our active sites with a bird’s eye view of the entire operation while also enabling us to drill down into site-specific details. Whether we provide service at a ready-to-eat facility, a distribution center, dry product processing, or a slaughterhouse, our eQMS is essential to monitor our client’s cleaning needs and ensure compliance with audit requirements.

The software’s primary function is to house site-specific sanitation schedules, which serve as the foundation for each site and are essential to ensuring a visually and microbiologically clean, audit-ready plant on time every day. The schedule contains information about what needs to be cleaned, the frequency, methods, chemicals, and tools, with access granted only to those involved.

Our system also keeps the necessary individuals in the know, with customized event-based workflows that trigger notifications to our team and customers. The system also houses all procedure and staff-related training documents in a library, which is frequently updated to ensure all staff are on the same page.

Our highly trained food safety teams at each site monitor site-specific information, identify issues, and manage corrective and preventative actions. The software imprints date-and-time stamps on all captured information, ensuring no data can be retroactively captured, thus upholding the integrity of the data. All of this helps to ease the sanitation auditing process.

At Ecowize, we take sanitation compliance seriously. Facilities can track almost anything, including water temperatures and pressure, chemical dilutions, visual cleanliness, sanitation time, chemical usage, and environmental monitoring results. Our system also allows us to perform internal audits based on SQF, BRC, and other standards, ensuring that we always remain compliant.

Thanks to our eQMS, Ecowize is better equipped to serve our client’s needs and help ensure food safety for the end customer.

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