Industrial Washing Systems

Ecowize is a leading sanitation and cleaning company in South Africa that prides itself on the provision off industry leading products, solutions, and services for local industry and commerce.
While we offer a focus on the hygiene and sanitation needs of the food, beverage, and consumables industries, we offer our services and solutions to all local brands, which include a range of specialised cleaning and sanitation services, as well as the provision of industrial cleaning and sanitation equipment in South Africa.
Our complete array of offers includes services for cleaning and sanitation, chemical supply and management, hygiene control, and pest control, to name a few.
The solutions we offer to our clients includes everything from cleaning chemicals and brushware, to specialised industrial washing systems and industrial washing machines.

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Personal Hygiene Systems

Our range of industrial washing systems offer efficiency, durability, and a noticeable reduction in cleaning costs.
With the right combination of chemicals, temperature, time, and mechanical force, we ensure that optimal results are always achieved.

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Industrial Washing Systems

Ecowize has partnered with global leaders in cleaning and sanitation technology from around the world to bring you the most efficient, simple and robust industrial washing and hygienic equipment on the market.

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Low Pressure Systems

Low-pressure technology is focused on improving cleaning while creating efficiencies through time, labour and energy reductions.
These systems use lower water pressure with a higher water volume.

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Food-Grade Brushware

High-quality technical brushware is used anywhere and everywhere in the food industry where uncompromising cleanliness is the overarching requirement. Our range of food-grade brushware is manufactured in Denmark and adheres to EU standards. All products are HACCP and FDA approved, and suitable for use in any food processing environment. The range comes in 11 colours.


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