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Food Safety - Quality Management Systems & Audits

Sanitation Services

Ecowize delivers a self-managed solution that is underpinned by our web/cloud based quality management, which provides real-time information, 24/7 and is accessible via a secured web portal to authorized users.

Over the last decade, the food industry has seen ongoing changes relating to food safety. With over 25 years of experience in food industry cleaning in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the United States of America, Ecowize Group knows the challenges faced by management in cleaning food production facilities.

Always Audit Ready

We have all the keys to ensure our clients pass audits, safeguard their brand and ensure the overall smooth day to day operations of their facility.

There are increasing challenges for food production facilities to meet the requirements relating to hygiene and sanitation in order to pass audits.


Ecowize Quality Management System (EQMS)

The Information Leader cloud based platform using real time data allows us to deliver consistent results, managing our clients audit paper trail effectively. We give our clients real time access to comprehensive information regarding the entire cleaning program at their facility, giving them peace of mind around the clock.