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Contract Sanitation

Sanitation Services

Contract Sanitation

Ecowize is one of the leading contract sanitation companies servicing the food and beverage, globally. Our unique approach towards providing contracted or outsourced cleaning and sanitation services has evolved with our many, long-term partner client partnerships.

Where Ecowize is different is in our approach and mind-set to the customer relationship, which is built in the following fundamentals:

  1. Transparent and open, costing model, giving our customers true line-of-site of how we create value in their business.
  2. Trust and integrity is key to our approach and to this end, we avail all required information to our customers and view the relationship as one of mutual benefit and win-win.
  3. We give real credence to the term being “customer-centric” and strive to provide the service that our customers want, need and value.
  4. Robust communication and reporting plan to track results and actions. This gives piece of mind.

This unique approach has allowed our customer to realise meaningful returns through focussing on their core business and leveraging of our service to achieve operational excellence, which include the following:

  1. Access to expertise on a Just-in-time basis that assists with troubleshooting, innovation, execution and site team management.
  2. Achieves an outcomes based performance model that functions in the most efficient way, with objective, unemotional measurement.
  3. Mitigates the risk of having to manage a non-core activity. (People Process Methods)
  4. Ongoing investment in new technologies and methodologies in a specialised area at their disposal.
  5. A more diverse way of thinking about their business, with creative thought and ideas offered and presented.
  6. Enhance the important positive dynamic between Engineering, production, quality and sanitation to achieve higher standards and efficiency.
  7. Fixed cost structure with agreed Service Level Agreement, which drives efficiency and standards.
  8. Ownership of a critical food safety element, with motive to achieve success and doing things the right way.
  9. Credibility of our presence in the food safety space helps mitigate reputational risk through association.
  10. Reduction in the total cost of sanitation.

Whatever your situation, Ecowize will always put you and your business in a better position than it was, with our contract sanitation model that gives you control!

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