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Contract Sanitation Services

Sanitation Services

Full “Turn-Key” Solution

This solution, with all sanitation components bundled into a fixed cost, can be readily deployed into your current business, system or process by Ecowize, which can be executed immediately once implemented and adding immediate value. Typically, we would utilize a highly qualified technical team and resource the project accordingly; assure mitigation of any risk to you switching your provider or your in-house team, while we execute the implementation. This process keeps you running, no matter what. We take the headache out of changing service providers.

With this solution, the full ownership of the sanitation program resides with Ecowize, which includes all supplies, equipment capex, quality management systems, audits and cleaning results.

Combination Solutions

These solution would apply to a scenario where the customer desires to maintain some responsibility of and control over parts of the sanitation program or components of the program for practical or strategic reasons. Often we would see some elements of the program unbundled from the total cost of sanitation and controlled by the customer and/or managed by Ecowize. A good example would be chemicals, especially where the customer has a much bigger spend as a group and procure their chemicals centrally. Ecowize works with any chemical supplier provided their products be appropriately registered with the necessary certifications for the food industry. We work closely with these channel partners to assure the product is utilized in the most effective way. These solutions require exceptional communication and are well supported by our quality management system –I-Protect.

Project Solutions

These solutions are generally applicable on an ad hoc, fixed period basis. Examples would be specific interventions and applications that are required for specific reasons like pathogen elimination interventions, Periodic cleaning interventions, technical cleaning of confined spaces , high access or sensitive equipment. Some of these would include refrigeration units, chiller rooms, access areas, audit pre, and problematic equipment.

Consultation and Professional Services

Ecowize is able to assist food companies in putting together or improving their current regimes on a consultative basis. We have variety of models, which include, time and material models, fixed term consulting contract models, fixed delivery outcome models, cost plus models and equipment sale models. Our solution includes training, quality management solutions and design of regimes, programmes and solutions.

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